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Hello again. It is I, the Adnan.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Listen, y'all... since the first blog, and me "testing" this whole "writing" thing (I don't know if I'm using quotation marks too much, is this sounding obnoxious? should I stop thinking out loud?) a lot of you have sent back that you're into the reading of the me writing.

It's just after 1AM on April 24th, 2022. I finished working on the super-secret-not-so-secret music project that some of you know about. If you want to know more, and also support the show, JOIN PATREON!

But anyway...

I finished some work for that project and my brain is going a million miles (or km. shut up it's a saying) an hour.

I can't stop thinking about just how crazy it is for us to be connecting right now.


Reading this right now. Wherever you may be. Whatever you were doing. Whatever it is you are feeling right now.

You and I somehow connected over something.

Music, mostly... I assume. But a lot of other random coincidences as well.

I can't stop thinking about that.

I've recently had some people from the Tribe reach out to me for varying different reasons. To vent, discuss ideas, to talk about being demotivated, to just have an ear to listen to them talk about what a shitty day it's been...

I cannot explain how that makes me feel. genuinely had to type and delete a few times because the words don't make sense.

This community and what we've built together is something that I am extremally proud of. I know a lot of you are too.

It's just after 1AM on April 24th, 2022 and someone that was very instrumental in not only building our little Tribe, but also someone that kept me going when times were literally the worst, lands in Dubai tomorrow.

Lara, AKA FourDerpyPaws AKA The Derpmaster General AKA BossAssPaws, will be here...

Right here.

In Dubai.

Visiting the Dungeon. Something that spawned out of a "Lamp of Good" joke in chat turned into a beautiful friendship and an amazing producer / idiot relationship. (I'm the idiot btw... just incase you weren't sure).

This materialization of something that spawned from what we do online is only a small representation of the iceberg that is Unmuted.

From the bands that are now friends, to the music we've shared, to the major life events, to the happies of times and the worst.

Y'all make me stoked to get up and talk to each and every single one of you every day.

You also kick my ass to keep making better content.

I'll stop blabbering on... but seriously, outside of you actually supporting this show to a point where I can do this with you all... I'm glad we met. You are unique, amazing, and the Tribe is that much more awesome because of you.


Adnan, over and out.

Or however you end these things.

HIT THE OUTRO *music plays*

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Love u Adnanoo .😘🤗


Always totally blown away by your achievements and I remember when the tribe was small and is now huggggge. You created that.!..ever proud of you, and to know you. Keep writing, it's great and a pleasure to read see you in a few months. 🎉


Apr 24, 2022


You forgot a couple of letters in the word happiest.

I literally read those to find mistakes at this point.



Apr 24, 2022

Keep Blabbering....... And Talking Shit...... Wouldn't Want You Any Other Way Brother 👊🏽🖤👊🏽

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